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Services Offered by our Office for Trademark Registration in Vietnam

1 – Search background trademark or feasibility study.
2 – Formally register trademarks, trade names.
3 – Renewals trademark.
4 – Amendments and changes to records.
5 – Obtaining certificates, trade names and patents.
6 – INVALIDITY, oppositions, cancellations, claims rights litigation.
7 – Procedures against violations of industrial property law.

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General Information

It must be noted that for the registration of a trademark in Vietnam A trademark application can cover more than one class; The title of trademark protection is a Certificate of Registration of Marks, awarded by the trademark office of Vietnam. The period of validity of a Certificate of Registration of Trademarks in Vietnam is 10 years from the date of the regular filing and can be renewed indefinitely for two consecutive terms, 10 years;

In Vietnam, A Certificate of Registration of Trademarks can be suspended by a request by a third if it is not used over a period of five consecutive years, without a good reason.

Trademark Registration Vietnam Requirements

In the request for records of trademarks in Vietnam must include General applicant plus a description of the mark, meaning colors claimed, translation or Transliteration of characters in English if the mark contains foreign characters. You must include a list of products services to be covered by the mark and, if possible, the class (s) of products services according to the International Classification.

If claims priority must include Country, application number and the date of filing foreign originates From which claims priority in the registration of trademarks in Vietnam.

Required Documentation

1. Power of attorney representation

2. 20 copies of the mark

3. In the event of a priority, claim must deposit a certified copy of the priority document.

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