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 At WDA-Collections we offer the best specialists in the business of collection and recovery of assets around all of the Dominican Republic. We offer our Judicial and Extrajudicial Services for the collection of checks without funds, payments, invoices, loans, credit cards, non-performance of contracts, among others.See more information here:  Procedures / Tariffs / Contact




 We only collect our commission once you’ve been payedHire  WDA Collection Legal Services for managing friendly and compulsory debt collection.  For More Information Contact Us Now!




At WDA QUICK COLLECT we treat each case independently initiating a process of collection 100% friendly in principle, always aiming to keep your company from losing a customer.

The increased strength in the management of collections is given accordingly to the delinquent customer response.

We have a team of highly trained professionals in the recovery of assets, and thus we guarantee you the highest percentage of debt recovery before starting the judicial compulsory collection action.

More on this topic: Debt Collection Services / Procedures / Price Table / Contact Us 

We offer 100% specialized and secure Debt Collection Services in the Dominican Republic. Our team of Debt Collection Attorneys is trained to effectively manage the collection of outstanding debts anywhere in the Dominican Republic, ensuring a professional and legal approach at every stage of the process. With a deep understanding of Dominican laws and regulations, we are committed to representing the interests of our clients diligently and effectively, always seeking to achieve favorable solutions in the recovery of financial assets. Trust WDA International law firm, and we will recover your money and that of your company with integrity, transparency, and proven results.

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