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The most professional law firm in Latin America offers a divorce solution for mutual agreement separations that can grant you a legal divorce decree in just a couple of weeks.

Quick Divorce in the Dominican Republic is available to foreigners or Dominican citizens residing abroad, when both spouses agree to file this divorce before Dominican Courts. This legal procedure is very simple and only requires the attendance of one of the spouses during the hearing which takes usually less than half an hour and you can leave Dominican Republic the same day in the afternoon.lt takes ten to fifteen days to obtain your divorce decree, which is to be sent to your home or office by courier (DHL or FedEx)

– Is the Dominican Divorce Valid in the United States?

At WDA we are ATTORNEYS AT LAW WITH PRACTICE IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. We are specialists in family law and DR divorces. All your documents are drafted by the same ATTORNEYS that will go with you to court. Your divorce case is handled BYATTORNEYS, not paralegals or secretaries so that we make sure all documents submitted to court contain due process drafting and legal wording as needed both in the courts of Dominican Republic and your country of origin.


* Thanks to you and everyone at you firm. I consider myself lucky to have found you.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

– V. L., New York

Now I would like to say thank you again for a very professional job you and your office did. Every time I had a question you immediately answered. You gave me the correct forms which needed to be complete, you explained what I had to do and where to get the required approvals. You made the process very very easy and very fast, Also you told me to come to Santo Domingo and booked a good reasonable hotel. The next morning I had the divorce hearing in front of a judge. I would recommend your service to anybody, you are very professional, fast and make a painful process painless.

I am absolute sure that in 10 days I will have my legal documents in China. I am also experienced in this process, I have a legal degree from Germany in divorce. At the moment I teach business at a local college in China. You can use my name and Internet ID for anybody who wants/need a divorce. Also your cost was much lower than other attorney’s in Santo Domingo.

Muchas gracias, Xie Xie Ni – Danke schoen.

If you ever want to visit China please let me know and I will arrange the trip of your life time.
– Xie Xie ,China

Quick Divorce Process

1. Order
2. Receive drafted papers, have them legalized and return to our office
3. Come to a hearing
4. Receive your divorce decree

WDA LAW has over 10 years of experience in family law, international adoptionas and trademark registration. Our knowledgeable lawyers are prepared to commit to your case and provide an enjoyable experience in your divorce process.

The spouse that is to attend hearing in Santo Domingo will only have to spend 1 night in Dominican Republic. Please be sure to bring with you to Dominican Republic passport and other piece of identification (social security card, identification id, driver s license) to complete the divorce.

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Please contact your travel agent in order to determine documents needed to enter Dominican Republic. Citizens of U.S., Canada and major European countries do not require of a visa but a valid passport and a tourist card which can be provided either by your travel agent or obtain upon arrival at the Dominican Airport. Our staff could take care of hotel reservations upon request. The day of hearing, formal attire is required (office kind attire).

Fast, accurate and simple divorce procedure

Absolutely legal worlwide

Can be completed in a matter of weeks

Affordable and payed in two easy installments

Professional service and personalised attention



Typical Quick Divorce Costs

US$1,650.00 or 1,350.00 Euros (first payment of US$575 installments)

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