These privacy policies and confidentiality apply to provide protection to the user of the website belonging to WDA  INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM ( The use of or browsing by any person of the website will be referred to as USER engagement.


A. – Type of information obtained

The term “contact information” in this policy refers to all information necessary to contact the user (including only the name and email) to contact the USER. Comes under this policy all contact information that USER voluntarily enters to the Internet site protected by this privacy policy, through the filling of the contact form. INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM WDA can use this information to send information TO THE USER about the legal services offered by the firm.


2. – Privacy Statement.

WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM does not collect personal data about the user more than those supplied by this, voluntarily, in the contact form. INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM WDA does not process or make available to third parties contact information of the user. WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM warrants to THE USER the right to privacy in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  The USER agrees that WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM can respond with an email the questions sent by user or may provide additional information on the legal service that requires the user.


3. – Purpose of  information

Contact details contained in confidential information, are used to provide the user with a personalized service according to the user needs, where appropriate, providing and/or sending information on the legal service that requested by the user.


4. – Confidentiality of information.

WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM agrees not to share with third parties NEVER any contact information provided by the USER and agrees to handle this as strictly confidential.  Despite its policy of not disclosing personal information, WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM may at its sole discretion upon request of a legal authority in the area of jurisdiction.

According to what explained above, the user understands and agrees that this policy does not apply to information provided by the user voluntarily to communicate with others through emails, phone calls, faxes, etc. or information shared by the user directly with WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM acting as a law firm.


5. – Modify / update / delete your personal information.

The contact details provided by the user could be part of a file only if  USER later decide to hire legal services of WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM. should the user not require legal services of WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM,   contact details will be removed or deleted from our database no more than two years after delivery of such data in our contact form.

When processing contact information, WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM is committed with our staff and mechanisms on the website to comply with safety and confidentiality standards necessary to ensure the security, integrity, and privacy of information collected from users on our site on the Internet. WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM will take reasonable steps to allow the USER to eliminate contact details of the WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM database upon request; the data at the request of the user be removed not later than 2 working days from request receipt.


6. – Protection of personal information.

The information provided by the user is protected by various security mechanisms. WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM will make every effort to monitor and care for such data. but even so in cases of force majeure and the Internet, there is nothing 100% sure and user share the risk of being a victim and so would WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM in the event an unauthorized third party irregularly usurp the information held by WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM.


7. – Acceptance of the terms.

This declaration of confidentiality/privacy, which describes the privacy policy of the WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM, is a valid agreement between the user and WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM, if the user uses this SITE and/or services WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM means that you have read, understood, accepted and consequently agreed with WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM the terms outlined above. If the USER does not agree with them, the user should not provide any contact information, or use this service or any information related to this Internet site. Having made this privacy policy notice available to the USER, it is understood that the user implicitly agrees to this privacy policy when reading, searching, using or in any other way navigating in WDA INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRM website.


IMPORTANT NOTICE:   If you agree or disagree with our privacy policy or you do not wish to receive any messages from us, please write to [email protected].