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General Information

In Venezuela, the Department is responsible for maintaining a public register of trademarks and trade names is the Autonomous Service of Intellectual Property (SAPI). It should be taken into account that the application of a trademark will be limited to one class of goods or services as described in The Classification of Nice for trademark registration.

Intellectual Property laws in Venezuela are The Industrial Property Law of Venezuela’s October 14, 1955, Law on the Promotion and Protection of Free Competition, Civil Code and the Penal Code, which guarantee protection to the companies and individuals wishing to protect trademarks and trade names in Venezuela.

The Certificate of Registration issued by the competent authorities after a trademark registration is granted in Venezuela is valid only within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Venezuela.

The registration of a mark in Venezuela is valid for a period of ten (10) years and may be renewed within 6 months before lapse and within grace period within 6 months following renewal due date.

WDA Provides the Following Services

1 – Application and obtaining registration of trademarks and trade names
2 – History of marks
3 – Opposition and cancellation resources
4 – Renewals and trademark registrations in general
5 – Amendments and modifications to records
6 – Patents, designs, utility models

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