Trademark Registration PanamaTrademark Registration Panama

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General Information on Panama Trademark Registration

Given the opening up of trade and the fact it is one of the most important countries in world trade, Panama is today one of the most important points for the registration and protection of trade names and trademarks. The registration of trademarks and trade names are managed by the Direction General of Industrial Property–DIGERPI

Trademark Registration Overall, Collective Marks Registration, Registration of Marks Guarantee Registered Use License, Registration on Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Model, Register Trade Names are the types of registrations granted in Panama for the protection of industrial property in accordance with the Industrial Property Act.

A company or individual regardless of nationality or part of this world comes from, has the right to apply for registration of a trademark in Panama. The Certificate of Registration issued by the competent authorities is valid only within the jurisdiction of Panama and is valid for a period of ten (10) years and may be renewed within the term prescribed by the trademark law in Panama.

Requirements for trademark registration in Panama:

1 – Power of Attorney.
2  If a trademark has been registered in another country, a copy of this certificate mark.
3  Description of goods or services as per Classification of Nice
4 – Samples of the logos, designs or labels to protect
5  An affidavit filled out by the company representative attesting ownership of a trademark
6 – Payment of a fee.
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