Defense Attorney In Punta Cana

Defense Attorney In Punta Cana

Defense Attorney In Punta Cana

For Defense Attorney In Punta Cana, WDA International Law Firm, has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system of the Dominican Republic. We defend people accused of crimes and felonies both in Punta Cana and anywhere in the country.

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The Defense Attorneys in Punta Cana at WDA International Law Firm have always devised the best and most effective defense strategies possible for their clients. Lic. Francisco Manuel Lazala Puello Director of the criminal department of the WDA International Law Firm, has obtained acquittals, and declarations of innocence as well as withdrawals of charges for accused clients from Punta Cana, as well as from the entire Dominican Republic.

For Defense Attorney In Punta Cana, WDA International Law Firm vigorously handles the cases of its clients accused of criminal cases from the investigative stage, as well as in legal negotiations and even in Trials in the courts of the Dominican Republic, where it will always be a good idea to have an effective defense attorney.

In The Dominican Republic, You have Fundamental Rights That Incluid:

In the Dominican Republic, you have fundamental rights that include:

Right to remain silent: You can choose not to testify if you wish.
– Right not to testify against yourself: You are not obliged to incriminate yourself.
– Right to legal assistance: You can request a lawyer to represent you.
– Right to access proceedings: You can know the legality of your detention or deprivation of liberty.
Right to communicate with a third party: You can call someone you trust.
– Right to be assisted by an interpreter if you do not speak Spanish.
– Right to forensic medical examination.

Furthermore, WDA has a deep understanding of the local legal landscape in Defense Attorney In Punta Cana in general. This insight allows us to craft personalized strategies that are both effective and efficient, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients.

The Defense Attorney of WDA International Law Firm also make appeals for those wrongly convicted in Dominican courts. No matter how serious the charges a client faces, The Defense Attorney of WDA International Law Firm will have an unwavering focus on protecting your rights and interests as we work to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

That’s why if you’re looking for a criminal defence lawyer near me in the Dominican Republic, WDA will always be your best option. Our criminal defence law firm service never back down

Contact Information for Emergencies

Urgent Calls to Phone: 1-829-986-8001      Whatsapp click here  1-829-986-8001

Mail: [email protected]

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