Obtain your patent registry in Venezuela through WDA lawyers. Our specialized lawyers will obtain the registration of their patents, and will keep you informed at all times until obtaining your Patent Certificate of Invention.

Our Patent Registration Services In Venezuela Include:
. Search for background in registered or pending patents; By matter and owner;
. Advising and reviewing the patentability of their designs and inventions in accordance with local legislation.
. Review of the format and drafting of specifications, claims and drawings in accordance with the guidelines of the international and local patent laws.
. Legal translation of the text of the invention
. Procedures before the Patent Office for: Registration and Obtaining of Patents, amendments, transfers, name changes.
. Patent litigation, compulsory licensing, unauthorized exploitation.
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Patents according to the Venezuelan State are nothing more than a right conferred upon the inventor that allows the exclusive exploitation of the invention, for a period of time determined by the applicable law. This in turn is nothing more than a Title of property and thanks to it, the Owner may commercially use the invention, patented.

In the Venezuelan state, SAPI is the state body that is empowered to grant these exploitation rights or patents for invention, which, depending on the procedure, SAPI is the body responsible for granting patent titles in Venezuela.

For the registration of patents in Venezuela and its economic utility the laws recognize three types of procedures that are:

1. Full transfer of the rights of the invention to third parties.

2. Direct and exclusive exploitation by the holder.

3. Concession to third parties through the use of exploitation licenses.

As a legal framework, patents in Venezuela are regulated in principle by the Constitution, the Industrial Property Law of 1955, Decision 486 of the Commission of the Andean Community of Nations and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. Two basic modalities of Patent Protection in Venezuela are the Patents of Invention granted for a period of 20 years and Patents of Utility Model granted for a period of 10 years.

Patents in Venezuela must have the principles of Inventive Level, Novelty and Industrial Application.
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