Get your Patent Registration through WDA lawyers. Our specialized lawyers will obtain the registration of your patents, and will keep you informed at all times until obtaining your Patent Certificate of Invention.

Our Panama Patent Registration Services Include:
. Search for background in registered or pending patents; By matter and owner;
. Advising and reviewing the patentability of their designs and inventions in accordance with local legislation.
. Review of the format and drafting of specifications, claims, and drawings in accordance with the guidelines of the international and local patent laws.
. Legal translation of the text of the invention
. Procedures before the Patent Office for: Registration and Obtaining of Patents, amendments, transfers, name changes.
. Patent litigation, compulsory licensing, unauthorized exploitation.
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Patent Registration in Peru General Information
As in almost all jurisdictions in Latin America, the Patent Register in Panama is nothing more than a Title, delivered by the State to the Author or the Creator of a New Invention or a utility model. This exclusive and exclusive Commercial exploitation right will allow the Holder to enjoy this right for a period of twenty (20) years and ten (10) in the case of utility models.

In Panama, the agency responsible for handling all matters relating to the Register of patents is the General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry (DIGERPI). Same that it manages an inventory and control of all the patents Granted by the Panamanian State.

Through the Patents of Confirmation or Revalidation, holders of patents granted by other countries, will be able to Protect their inventions in the Republic of Panama. This is because the Republic of Panama is a signatory of multiple international agreements.

To opt for the registration of a patent in Panama it is necessary to present:
1- A Power of Attorney

2- Application for Patents to the General Directorate of the Industrial Property Registry (DIGERPI).


4. Description of the Invention or Procedure

5- 4 copies Related Drawings

6- Payment of Fees and Presentation Rights

7- A Summary Descriptive

8- If the inventor is the applicant must include the agreement between the Applicant and the creator, where it is authorized to Register and obtain this patent.

9- Certified copy of Public registration of the Patent in the country of origin. If it is a patent granted abroad.

10- All documents of foreign origin must be legally translated into Spanish.

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