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General Requirements

To register an invention in Argentina is necessary to meet the following conditions to be protected by a patent in Argentina:

Patents in Argentina must have the principles of inventive step, novelty, and industrial application, meaning that the invention should have:

1.- Practical use within industry.

2.-Introduce an element of novelty, some new feature that is not known in the body of existing knowledge in its technical field.

Once the Invention patent is issued in Argentina by the National Administration of Patents, such document Certifies and guarantees that a given invention owned by an individual or corporation is effectively protected within the jurisdiction of Argentina and exclusive rights are granted to the owner for its exploitation and monetary retribution.

Argentina is a signatory member of the majority of international treaties on the subject. To receive consultation directly from our firm please click here.

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Associated Services

  • Search granted or pending patents, by subject and owner;
  • Advice and review of the patentability of inventions and designs according to local legislation.
  • Review format and wording of the specifications, claims, and drawings in accordance with the guidelines of local and international patent laws.
  • Legal translation of the text of the invention
  • Proceedings before the Patent Office to Obtaining a Patent Certificate, amendments, transfers, name changes.
  • Patent litigation, compulsory licensing, unauthorized exploitation.

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