Register your Patents in Latin America, Vietnam, and China through the legal services of WDA Lawyers. Our lawyers, professional experts in the field, register your trademarks with 100% Customized assistance

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Patent Registrations Service in:

 . Antigua And Barbuda                        . Ecuador                     . Venezuela

 . Argentina                                        . El Salvador                . Vietnam

 . Barbados                                         . Haiti

 . Bolivia                                            . Honduras

 . Brasil                                              . Jamaica

 . Chile                                               . Mexico

 . China                                              . Panama

 . Colombia                                        . Paraguay

 . Costa Rica                                      . Peru

 . Cuba                                              . Trinidad And Tobago

 . Dominican Republic                   . Uruguay

Our Patent services in Latin America, China, and Vietnam include:

. Search on granted or pending patents, by subject and owner;

. Advice and review of the patentability of inventions and designs according to local legislation.

. Review format and wording of the specifications, claims, and drawings in accordance with the guidelines of local and international patent laws.

. Legal translation of the text of the invention

. Proceedings before the Patent Office to Obtain a Patent Certificate, amendments, transfers, and name changes.

. Patent litigation, compulsory licensing, unauthorized exploitation.

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