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Documents required to register copyright

  1. 6 copies of the work to be registered and 2 digitalized copies thereof (either in diskette, compact disk or digital video disk)
  2. General information on the author, its editor or representative, printing editor or the person in charge of handling author’s interests (if any)
  3. Power of attorney form (please see trademarks)
  4. General written information of the work to be registered including publication date, area of art or design applicable to this work.
  5. Other requirements might apply for different work areas.

Documents required to file a patent application:

  1. Specifications, claims and summarization of invention or utility model in triplicate in Spanish language.
  2.  Original drawings (if any)
  3. Power of attorney form (see legalization requirements on trademarks)
  4. Assignment of rights from the inventor (if other than the applicant) duly signed by inventors and applicant; notarized and then legalized up to the Dominican Republic Consulate nearest to the applicant’s jurisdiction. Certified copy of the one filed in the country of origin is suitable as well.
  5. If priority benefits are to be claimed, certified copy of the application filed with the Patent Office in the country of origin.  No further legalization required.

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