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Online Divorce Service

24hr Divorce in Dominican Republic, Cheap, Simple and Easy

Divorce Online Welcome to quick Divorce Online. WDA International law firm, is a law firm with the most solid group of lawyers specialists on International divorce proceedings aimed to citizens of the world regardless of where marriage took place. This is possible due to special Dominican laws that opened the option of international divorce proceedings to allow U.S. citizens as well as from Canada, England, European countries, in general to complete a legal divorce in the shortest time.

Is Dominican Divorce Valid in United States?

WHY ONLINE Divorce? The divorce procedure is developed 80% via electronics, it is important to note that just may be divorced with special laws for foreign couples who are matched an uncontested divorce in harmony. The procedure is completely legal and accepted worldwide.

WDALAW Principal Explains the Quick Divorce Process



General procedure for divorce online:

1. After we receive your information we proceed to prepare documents which are to be sent to client for signature;

2. These documents plus a power of attorney form should be signed, before legalizing at Dominican Consulate.

3. After Legalization is made, these documents must be sent to our office together with original certified copies of birth and marriage certificates also legalized at consulate;

4. Finally ,a Court hearing takes place in the Dominican Republic, hearing date is set for usually 1 to 2 days following petition.
WDA has over 10 years of experience in international law. Our expert lawyers are prepared to commit to your case and provide an enjoyable experience in your divorce process.

We work with flat fee rates and the total procedure is completed in less than 15 days