Trademark Search Service

Trademark SearchThanks to our Trademark search service; you can now evaluate the status of your brands before its formal registration of the same. WDA has a team of elite professionals who will accompany you through both pre and after registration stages giving our traditional 100% personalized service, and immediate response to each of your questions.

As a tradition, WDA LAW gives each of our customers support, high quality and innovative solutions as regards to the Trademark search. We advise on which names, designs, trademarks could be feasible depending on the services or goods offered by our clients.

We Service all the Americas

CubaDominican RepublicPuerto RicoJamaicaHaití, Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, ArgentinaChile, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, El SalvadorPanamaMexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala.
Jurisdictions for our Trademark services also include Europe, China and Vietnam.

For more information on Trademarks search in each of these jurisdictions please click here.

WDA LAW is the Leader of intellectual property firms throughout the Americas, specializing in docketing trademarks maintenance of patents; representatives to exclusive and high-profile plaintiffs in cases of trademark counterfeiting in the Americas for leading manufacturers of renowned spirits and pharmaceuticals products; Representative of big corporations from Europe, Asia and U.S., headquarters in Miami, Florida, USA And Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.