SD. The National Council of Private Enterprise (CONEP) and the Industrial Association called yesterday for the annulment of the ordinance from the City Council of the National District which creates new tariffs for the use of land in the city. The two groups feel that the ordinance coincides with national taxes and is in violation with Article 200 of the Constitution. Moreover, these new taxes cause unsustainable increases in the costs of production, construction and housing.

Manuel Diez Cabral, the new president of Conep, said that he felt that this decision should be corrected since the result will be greater costs for the economy, greater difficulties for the families of lower and medium incomes to obtain decent housing and, moreover, affects the investment climate of the country at a time when it most needs to provide incentives for both national and international productive investments.

For her part, Ligia Bonetti reported that they are studying the steps needed to oppose what they consider to be an unwise measure, and impose rationality in the interpretation of the laws and in the economic and social moment that the country is experiencing. The business leader said “they are taxing the housing that is on the land and the land itself”.