The Central Bank of the Dominican Republic has released a notice warning on scams made by false real estate brokers and attorneys whom have been duping foreigners, mostly Europeans, through false real state and time sharing operations by using the Central Bank and Tourism Ministry logotypes, as well as by using the signatures of the above mentioned government agencies’ officials.

The transactions have been undertaken under the name of false real state companies and lawyers’ firms, which identify through the Internet persons who are interested in selling their properties and in time sharing activities, contacting them afterwards to engage in supposed purchase transactions. The swindlers require the owners’ personal data and the remittance of funds through Dominican commercial banks or through money transfer companies, alleging the need for payment of taxes according to Dominican law, explaining to the customers that until the funds are received, the sale cannot be completed.
Once the required funds are sent, the swindlers notify the seller that the person who received the money has disappeared and that the country’s law enforcement authorities are working to find them. But at the same time, they say that the investigation process takes time and hence the customer should send more money to conclude the process that has been initiated.

We urge all persons to be cautious when undertaking any activities involving remittances or the use of credit cards for commercial purposes with persons using the name of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic or any other Dominican Government agencies.
Furthermore, we hereby inform the public that the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic shall not incur any responsibility concerning fraudulent activities carried out against people in its name and that of its officers. The cases that have been reported have been made known to the corresponding Dominican and international authorities.

Information provided by Central Bank of Dominican Republic through its website