Our team of professional lawyers is fully qualified to conduct trademark, patent and tradename searches. You can pay the searches and registrations via PayPal or wire transfer. We exercise IP Law in the following jurisdictions: Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Honduras, Panama, Vietnam, China, India, Paraguay, Haiti, El Salvador, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

We offer a wide arrange of Intellectual Property Services:

1. Trademark Registration

2. Opposition and cancellation actions

3. PCT and Convention-based patent applications

4. Renewals and ownership updates

5. Surveillance

6. Anti-counterfeiting actions

7. Market research and collection of evidence

8. Cease and desist letters

9. Out-of-court negotiations and agreements

10. Court actions up to Supreme Court

Documents required to file a trademark or trade name application:

  1. General information on the applicant such as Country or State of incorporation (for companies), name of the representative of the company, passport number and address.
  2. Exact way the trademark is to be registered (specification on letters and colors if any claim is to be made upon them);
  3. For cases of designs or labels, provide 6 samples of 3´x3´ size in color
  4. Description of goods and services to be protected.
  5. In the event priority benefits of the Paris Convention are to be claimed, it would be necessary to provide a certified copy of the application as filed in the country or origin.  No further legalization is required.
  6. Power of attorney form duly signed by the applicant

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