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Uncontested Divorce: Dominican Republic Quick Divorce

Uncontested divorce is that in which the parties involved consent for themselves or through an attorney their decision to obtain an urretrievable divorce without initiating a long legal process based on disputes for children or assets. Through WDA professional services in an estimated time of 15 working days, you may regain your freedom. Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson, among others have decided with their spouses, without the intervention of court, elaborated and important issues related to their divorce, for example, the division of property, custody, support and visitation rights of children, alimony , among others, just with the advise of their lawyers to choose a quick divorce in the Dominican Republic mainly because of the speed with which it is handled and for being 100% legal and fully valid in the United States as in any other country in the world.


Uncontested divorce in Dominican Republic is validated by the U.S. State Department and the same is available to foreigners from around the world interested in obtaining a short time and final decision of divorce.

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It is important to clarify that the main requirement to be able to process your uncontested divorce invoking the Dominican law is that both spouses are willing to divorce; when both spouses agree to file for an uncontested divorce before the Dominican courts the procedure is easy and simple and only requires the attendance of one of the spouses during the hearing. The uncontested divorce decree will be ready three days after heqring will be sent to your home or office by courier (UPS or FedEx) when it has been translated and validated at the country consulate of the parties.

Is Dominican Divorce Valid in United States?

In WDA international law firm, we specialize in Dominican uncontested divorce with lawyers that will work with you during your entire process and you will only pay a flat rate fee of US$1,550.00 plus legalization expenses; our services include:

a-Drafting of legal documents; uncontested divorce agreement and power of attorney

b-Legal representation in court

c-Taxes to be paid in court and civil registry
d-Provision of interpretation by an official interpreter before the judge
e-Spanish translation of the Divorce Decree by Court-Certified translator

You will need the following documents:

1. Copies of marriage certificate and birth certificates of children born in marriage
2. Copies of passports of the spouses to verify the identity and draft documents.

General Information

The parties must sign an agreement to be reviewed by an attorney in your jurisdiction, to confirm that complies with local law of spouses. This document should include spouses complete data, a list of assets or statement of non-ownership, the statement on the minor children custody and support, their desire to divorce with an uncontested divorce to be decided by Dominican Court and the recognizion of the spouse not attending hearing that no further communication or action will be needed on his side to complete the uncontested divorce process and the approval of one of spouses to attend a hearing. The spouse attending hearing in Santo Domingo only needs to spend 1 night in the Dominican Republic. Please contact your travel agent to determine the necessary documents to enter the Dominican Republic. The citizens of the U.S. and Canada and major European countries do not require a visa, but a valid passport and a tourist card that can be provided either by their travel agent or upon arrival at the airport in the Dominican Republic. In addition, the day of the hearing, formal attire is required (office-kind attire).


What does International Law says about Dominican Divorce?